how to wear a midi skirt

A Midi is a skirt that ends anywhere from your knees to just above the ankle.

Midi is the new Mini and all I can say is THANK THE LORD!!! The mini is cute and everything but it’s just been around for so long and every second person is wearing one and well, a good thing can get worn out real quick.

So for a lovely, feminine, chic and refreshing change, the Midi skirt is a must have in your wardrobe. If you think you don’t have the height, the body or the legs to wear it, you’re wrong.

Trust me, it suits everyone as long as you do it right.

Here are the golden rules if you are worried.

  • Make sure the skirt ends at the narrowest part of your leg. Alteration is cheap and easy
  • The bigger the volume of the skirt the more fitted the top should be
  • If you are short, wear elongating prints or tops along the same colour tone to add height
  • If you are curvy go for glamorous big voluminous styles and wear a belt to give yourself the hourglass shape
  • Wear with wedges or pointed pumps to further elongate your legs if you’re worried. NO ankle straps.
  • Lady it up with a cute cardi,  edgy it up with a leather jacket or glam it up with a faux fur wrap and bling
  • Midis look fantastic with one piece of statement jewellery somewhere. Or everywhere if you are me
  • Mostly, if you love it and you feel fantastic, just do it!

One of my favourite online shopping destinations  ASOS have a great selection for all budgets.

Here is some inspiration from Elle magazine and around the web. I’m a sucker for anything stripey and navy so my favourite is the blue skirt and stripe top with the cute red bag. whats yours?

ImageGen.ashx ImageGen-5.ashx ImageGen-4.ashx ImageGen-3.ashx ImageGen-2.ashx




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