On the Hunt for Baby Proof Makeup

As if my life has not changed enough – quite happily so I might add – another little thing that changed was the way I wore makeup. Or ‘unwore’ it thanks to my darling, very affectionate girl who likes to rub her hands on my face and give me lots of sloppy kisses.

There’s so way I’m giving up baby kisses so I went on a mission to find baby friendly makeup. Quick to apply, with staying power strong enough to withstand the attack of Maya.

For this I enlisted (begged) my beautiful friend and hair & makeup artist extraordinaire Linda West for her invaluable help and advice. Linda is one of australia’s top artists styling from high fashion shoots to TV shows like ‘so you think you can dance’ and so on. You can follow her here on Instagram for your daily dose of prettiness.

We Visited PM Studio, a makeup heaven for anyone who wants good quality makeup used by professionals and us ordinary folk. It’s like being in a department store with lights, rows of pretty colours but without the waiting time for help by a consultant.

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We found the perfect concealer for my tired eyes (something I’ve never owned due to lack of suitable colour choices for my skin), a lip liner and a gorgeous bold bright pink lippy. All waterproof, smudge proof, and most importantly baby proof. The Brand MAKE UP FOR EVER is my new favourite.

My loot:

My new best friend – makeup for ever concealer. Stays on ALL day.
I bought the brightest colour lippy I could find – pink one, 5th on top row
Deciding to stay with the one brand, i also got the long-lasting lip liner by make up for ever.
Getting told off by Linda for talking while having my lip liner applied 🙂

Here’s what I learnt for super speedy makeup application.

1. You don’t need foundation for everyday. Use concealer in the areas you need it, blend well and you’re good to go.

2. Use a waterproof lip stain or lip liner to give your lips definition and a bit of colour and  top with clear lip balm or gloss throughout the day.

3. If you have another few seconds, dab on a bit of cream blush ( you can use lipstick)  on your cheeks using your fingers and a quick coat of mascara.

Feel like a little bit more? Try a pop of colour on your lips to brighten up your face instantly!

The very wise Linda advises,  ” For longer lasting lip colour, apply your lipstick and blot, then re apply a second coat. By layering the colour you will get more staying power – it’s a bit like painting the walls in your home – strange comparison I know, but there’s always two coats”.

Stay tuned for more baby proof makeup and loads more tips by the fabulous Linda West!

My new ultra bright lipstick. Amazingly it stays on for hours!


Photographs thanks Claudio Raschella


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  1. Hi Shereen,

    It’s Olga from PM Studio.
    I’d like to sincerely thank you for the great blog post and review above. It’s very kind of you and very much appreciated. Hope all is well for you and your little family.


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