Bauhaus – Adelaide

A few weeks ago I was in Adelaide for some family stuff, and as always, a trip to my favourite store Bauhaus is always on the top of my priorities list.

Bauhaus is in the heart of the city and has the most gorgeous eclectic collection of everything from jewellery to clothing, to art to kiddie toys. There is something for everyone there. Even if you’re  just looking, it’s always a visual feast walking in!

Here are some pics from my last trip, a glorious space filled with colourful and enchanting goodies from around the world.

I could easily have everything!

_DSF0151 _DSF0153 _DSF0155 _DSF0156 _DSF0157 _DSF0160 _DSF0162 _DSF0165 _DSF0168 _DSF0171 _DSF0173 _DSF0177 _DSF0179 _DSF0211This last one is of my loot, a gorgeous navy and orange scarf for me and a wooden airplane for Maya. Happy happy. xxx


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