The Perfect Chocolate Cake

I spent years trying to find the chocolate cake of my dreams. I buy them in cake shops, I try them at dinner parties and restaurants and nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the cake I made a couple of weeks ago for Maya’s 1st birthday. I would love to say it was my recipe but alas no, even I am not that talented. But this lady from ‘Add a pinch‘ certainly is.

You know those huge mouth-watering chocolate cakes you see on tv? Like the cake that Marie Barone from ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ makes for her boys? Well this tastes like you would imagine those cakes to taste.

This recipe claims to be the best chocolate cake ever, and I absolutely promise you, it is. The recipe also has a link to the sumptuous chocolate icing.

Here is a picture of the one I made, not too bad for a first timer like me even if I do say so myself.

Maya's birthday chocolate cake starring maya
Maya’s 4 layered chocolate cake with paper butterflies. The Cupcake on the top was a special vanilla cake just for her

This cake was the second time I’d made it and I adjusted the recipe slightly to suit our tastes.

For the icing I halved the ingredients which was sufficient to ice a 2 layered cake. The original recipe is for 3 to 4 layers.  I used a little less coffee and icing sugar and a little more milk depending on what consistency and sweetness you want your icing to be. You can taste as you go and adjust accordingly.

Trust me when I tell you, you need to make it right now and keep making it every few weekends to get it right.

No need for an occasion. what? Its friday? Bake the cake. Youre having a good hair day? Bake the cake. Your kid has kept you up all night? Bake the cake.

Really hope you enjoy xxxx

Would love to know if you make it and agree that it’s the best chocolate cake ever!



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