DIY – How to make Giant Tissue Flower Decorations

Maya’s 1st birthday was as much fun for me as it was for her, maybe more. It was an opportunity for me to finally use some of the skills and experience I use at work for personal enjoyment. DIY (do it yourself’ for those unfamiliar with the term) heaven!

One of the things I made were these giant tissue flowers. I had made poms poms out of tissue years ago and remembered how easy it was. There’s no shortage of DIY videos and tutorials online these days on how to make tissue flowers, including my photo tutorial. As with everything I like things to look thrown together and not too perfect – organic and rustic is my motto for everything!

Easy steps for DIY beautiful giant tissue flowers

You need:

  1. 10 layers of tissue paper – I used one colour but you could always experiment with mixed colours
  2. scissors
  3. piece of wire or string, or rubber band

To make:

1. Take 3 pieces of tissue paper and cut about 10cm off the length. These shorter layers make the centre of the flower.

2. Fold the 3 layers in the accordion style and round off the edges with scissors to create petal shapes. No need to be perfect. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 2

3. Unfold and lay them centred on top of the remaining 7 larger layers. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 1

4. Now fold all layers together in accordion style with each fold about 2.5 to 3 cm wide. Round off edges as before. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 3

5. Fold in half and tie of the centre with either wire or string or band. 

diy giant tissue flowers starringmaya 4

6. Fan out the folds and starting with the smaller layers on top, carefully separate and pull the tissue paper towards the centre. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 5

7. Continue doing this on both sides till all layers have been separated and now you can flatten a little or leave as puffy as you like. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 7

8. Take a little of the tissue from the centre and crunch it up to hide the wire. 

diy giant tissue paper flowers starring maya 6

9. Viola! Cheap and easy birthday decorations. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 8
I made about 7 of these and stuck it randomly on the walls amongst safari animal cutouts and cardboard butterflies.




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