Im a Mum and I swear

When Maya was a tiny baby, I was driving along and stopped at the traffic lights behind a woman in a red car. She obviously hadn’t notice that the lights had turned green so I beeped to get her attention.

I didn’t think it was rude, I get beeped at all the time, I never get offended, I just wave an apology for being distracted and move on.

But this slice of heaven stuck her finger up at me. Lovely.

Then, as we pulled up side by side at the next traffic lights, she  gave me a bitchy smile and stuck her finger up at me, so what was I to do?

Like any normal, red-blooded, sleep deprived, exhausted, emotional mother in my place would do, I decided to use her an outlet to my frustrations.

I told her to fuck off, with a smile. (and I might have stuck my finger up)

She looked at the back seat, saw my baby and yelled out, “you should be ashamed at yourself, you’ve got a baby!”. She actually shook her head and gave me a disappointed disgusted look.



Not many people render me speechless.

I’m sorry sunshine, just because I pushed a baby out doesn’t mean my brain exploded at the other end.

Just because I have a baby doesn’t mean that I no longer have the right to get angry and swear.

If anything I think it gives me more right. Its therapy.

If you think that makes me a bad mother then I am okay with that…. because honey (and I use the term loosely) your opinion means shit.

I swear when my baby is still screaming after 45 minutes of trying to put her to sleep, when my back is sore and my ears are ringing.

I swear when that same angelic baby is up for the 10th time in 1 night and I havent gotten more than 30 minutes sleep at a time.

I swear when I read ridiculous over the top articles on how I’m damaging my child in a hundred different ways.

And I swear with excitement when I see or witness something fantastic.

It’s a normal part of my vocabulary, one I try to contain when I’m around my child who is starting to talk, but I’m sure a couple will slip out accidentally.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

So, I’m sorry lady, hate to break it to you, but if you thought I was an easy target just because I have a baby in the back seat, you’re so wrong.

Cause I need people like you in my life to let out steam. And to teach my daughter what NOT to be like. So thank you.

Thanks for the therapy. You made my day

Anyone else have anything absurd assumed about them just because they’re a parent? Or am I the only blessed one?

In hospital maya and me staringmaya
Here’s Maya and me in the hospital after she was born. Head and brain still intact.
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