The 7 Step Wardrobe Makeover Challenge. Step 1 – Get Inspired

The 7 Step Wardrobe Challenge: Step 1 – Get inspired and get to know yourself.

The very first thing to do before starting any big project is to know where you’re going.

Ask yourselves the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to do this? Maybe it’s because you’re sick of your clothes, never know what to wear, or maybe it’s because your wardrobe is small and you need to reassess to work with what you’ve got.
  2. What would your dream scenario be?
  3. Whats your end goal? Is to be able to pull out anything from your closet and know that it looks good? Do you want to have a better idea of what suits your shape? Do you want to reinvent yourself? Is it to have more space? Or is it to have a prettier more organised wardrobe?

You can answer these on your head or on a piece of paper ( I love my ‘notes’ app on the iPhone for jotting down anything and everything) Knowing these will help you during the next few challenges to keep focused and really enjoy the experience.

Now, create a mood board.

Thankfully in this digital age we don’t have to spend hours cutting and pasting magazines unless you want to, there are plenty of resources online to help you. The easiest way I know how is on Pinterest.

If you don’t already have an account, I highly recommend it, but I warn you, it’s very addictive!

A mood board helps you identify your style. After a few hours of going through images, you’ll find a common theme that attracts you. It’s also great to keep referring to when you need a hit of inspiration.

I’ve created a personal style mood board for myself with images I’ve found online.

mood board starringmaya

It’s pretty obvious that I love the shirt, and classic clean lines with a bit of colour here and there. My inspiration has always been the greats like Katherine Hepburn with her masculine style and Audrey Hepburn’s feminine and classic blacks.

Personally, I’m not so much as reinventing myself as just reminding myself of who I am and what I love. It’s easy to forget when you’ve spent almost 2 years wearing marquees.

So get on your computer or find that stash of old magazines and collect a few images that inspire you.

Here are 4 tips on creating a mood board:

  1. Collect anything that you are attracted to.
  2. Don’t limit yourself: you don’t have to buy or wear it, you just have to love it. Dream big. 
  3. Look to celebrities and their street styles for some great style ideas.
  4. Find pictures of your perfect wardrobe space – it doesn’t have to be realistic. The one on my mood board certainly isn’t!

Hope you have lots of fun with this one!

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If you need any help or have questions please feel free to ask away in the comment section below or on Facebook. If you feel like sharing your mood board on Instagram or on my Facebook page, use hashtag #7stepwardrobechallenge so I can have a look too.

Coming up next week: culling your clothes.

xxx shereen



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