The 7 Step Wardrobe Makeover Challenge. Step 4: Shoes and Bags

The 7 Step Wardrobe makeover Challenge: Step 4 – Shoes and Bags

By now you’re a pro at the art of culling, and if you hear the word culling you might want to hit something.. sorry.

Bags and Shoes are no different to another things you have in your wardrobe, if it works for you, keep. If it doesn’t throw it away.

starringmaya wardrobe makeover - culling shoes
Goodbye Beautiful Ones…

Here’s a guideline to help you decide what to keep and what to throw away. By throwing away I mean either sell, give to charity or put them in a dress up box for your kids maybe.


  1. Old dated bags that you used to carry when you were in your early twenties (or if you are in your twenties now, to you im talking about the bags you used to carry when you were 4) need to go. I have a vision of my black satin evening bag with red ribbon rosettes on them. Hello 90’s!
  2. Get rid bags with stains, have broken zips or handles – if it’s precious to you, you can take it to your local shoe/bag repair place who can give them a new lease of life.
  3. Bags or shoes that are just not you anymore need to go.  I find that throughout your life you buy things for who you are at that moment in time, and sometimes, you can’t think clearly so years later you have the WTF moment when you look back.  For about 2 seconds in my life I was obsessed with high high platform ultra fashionable and sexy as hell but totally unwearable for me. See pic above.
  4. If you’re a mum like me then cross body bags are the most practical, the larger the better, or small enough to put your wallet and phone in while you lug a larger nappy bag around. I need to get rid of day bags that I’ll no longer use, but will keep precious ones for Maya or for the days that I go out without her.  AAhhhh kids – they change everything, lucky they are so god damn cute!


Here are some tips for taking care of your bags and shoes:

  • Leather needs some TLC give them a clean and condition with leather cream every few weeks.
  • Use old clothes or towels rolled up inside structured bags to keep their shape while they sit on the shelf.
  • The same goes for shoes, keep the tissue that comes stuffed in the toe area of new shoes – it keeps the shape.
  • Store them in a dry ventilated space so they don’t get the old musty smell or rust in the hardware, especially on bags with metal chains and zips.
  • Clear shoe boxes are fantastic for storing special occasion or precious shoes. You can see exactly whats in every box instead of pulling everything out, and keeps them dust free.
  • Use the shoe boxes to store anything you don’t use on a regular basis. Clutch bags, scarves, belts, chunky bangles, kid’s toys…

Hope you are having going through everything, I know I am. My list of Ebay items are growing everyday.

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xxx Shereen

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