The 7 Step Wardrobe Makeover Challenge – Step 5 – Organize your Space

Welcome to this week’s wardrobe challenge – Organizing your Space. I had a lot of fun with this one – 1, because it’s so much fun to shop online from the couch, and 2, I came across so many wonderful ways to make the most of my space.

The goal here is to make all your clothes and accessories, makeup and shoes easily accessible, and suited to your daily life.

Below are a few tips and ideas that I’ve incorporated into my home and because there are so many, I’m breaking it up, a little now, and the rest in 2 days.

3 Steps to get your wardrobe organised:

  1. Browse Pinterest or google images for ‘organising your wardrobe’. You will be amazed at how many great innovations there are for storing practically every item in your wardrobe.
  2. Decide what kind of look you want and how much money you can spend, if any. For me the most important thing was to have everything easily viewable and accessible. When you have a kid screaming for attention you really don’t have time to search for too long.
  3. Jump online and window shop. Usually you can find everything you need at one place, and look at as many options as possible. My go-to place has been Howard’s storage World for a long time, but never as much as with this wardrobe challenge and complete overhaul of my apartment!

When you’re searching keep in mind the following:

  • Is it easy to use and will still look good in a couple of years without showing too much wear and tear
  • Will it keep your clothing, jewellery or accessories in good condition
  • Do you have space for it (I’ve been known to get too excited and buy something because its pretty but only to realize I have nowhere to keep it)
  • Measure everything and make sure it will fit under your bed or in the closet.

Howard Storage World were kind enough to loan me a few things to try out , and i am so happy with how everything looks in my closet! Especially my jewellery. I’ve been wearing pieces I havent worn in a long time just because I can see it.

Here are a few of my favourite things that make a difference to how your wardrobe looks and feels. 

Non Slip Flocked Hangers are made to stop fabric from slipping off. Don’t you hate when everything ends up on the floor as your rifling through? These are great for silks, thin straps or wide necklines.



Clip Hangers are the only way to hang your skirts and trousers, I am not an ironer so there’s no way I’m going to spend that extra few minutes ironing out the crease that folding over a hanger creates.



Cedar balls and Drawer Sachets – Clothes, if unworn for a few weeks can start to smell a bit musty, and the moths and silverfish love to eat through natural fibres such as silks and wools. The cedar balls are great to put in the storage or garment bags of clothes you wont wear for a couple of seasons, and the sachets keep your clothes smelling gorgeous. you can either use them in drawers or put one on a hanger amongst your dresses.

starringmaya cedar balls


Over the Door Hanger – I used to live in the tiniest flat in Australia and these were such a great way to utilize space. They sit over any door inside your home and are great to hang scarves, long jewellery or bags. So easy to grab what you need when in a rush.

door hanger starringmaya


Jewellery Pocket Oprganisers – There’s nothing more time-wasting than trying to untangle long necklaces or finding matching earrings, or worse, forgetting what you actually have in your jewellery draw. These are so great not only because you can see all your wonderful collection, but they keep the jewellery from getting damaged. I like to organise mine in metals – silvers, golds, colours etc…

pocket org starring maya


Acrylic jewellery Drawers – I think from everything that I’ve been working with, these are my favourite. They house my beautiful jewels, and they make me feel the same way as when I walk into a jewellery store and everything sparkles invitingly..’buy me’…’wear me’. I, sadly, love the way jewellery stores display their products, so I love the idea of displaying my precious pieces too. Why not?

Jewellery Drawer – These fit all of my largest of large rings, something I’ve been searching for years!
The 4 Drawer Jewellery Box
The Deluxe Jewellery Chest – yes, this lives on my bedside table filled with special pieces.



Makeup Storage – A beautiful way to store all your makeup, you can keep all your everyday bits in this, it’s so easy to find brushes and powders. This has made putting on my face that little bit easier in the mornings.

Love my wardrobe now, looks like a very organised person lives here. Right?

_C5C6177 _C5C6148

And because there are so many things left to talk about, and you’ve probably decided that I go on a little too much about jewellery and moved on to another blog, I am going to stop now and bring you part 2 in a couple of days 🙂

xxx shereen

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Coming up next week: Style yourself – creating your personal style and working out what shapes suit your body

xxx shereen

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