The 7 Step Wardrobe Makeover Challenge. Step 5 : Organize your Space continued

As promised, here is the second part to organising your space.

Tip – If you are shopping for storage, don’t forget to think outside the square, you don’t always have to use a product for what it was intended for. Use a shoe rack to create a double shelf in your linen cupboard for towels or use clear shoe boxes for jewellery, or kid’s Lego/puzzles…etc.

Howard Storage World have so many ideas I feel like making over my entire home, and I think I will!

Here are the rest of my picks to transform your wardrobe:

Small and Large Acrylic Shoe boxes – originally I was going to get the clear plastic boxes but then decided on these because are sturdier and stackable. The draws slide in and out easily and I wanted to use them for things other than only shoes. They’re great for a lot of other items like clutches, chunky bangles,necklaces, scarves, or even arts and craft boxes for a budding little artist.

photo 1photo 2photo 3


Some times, or a lot of the times you need a bit of your wardrobe outside the bedroom for convenience. Our small couch used to be a dumping area for jackets bags and scarves and the hallway piled up with everyday shoes. For our lifestyle I realised it made things easier to have these things outside, so thanks to the following 2 brilliant products, our hallway is neater and couch is free!

Shoe Rack – This fits in perfectly under out hall table and on it lives our everyday shoes, leaving room for our 1-year-old to tear up and down the hall.

photo 1


Hat and Coat Rack – LOVE this product. It’s right by the front door, staring at us as we walk in, leaving us no choice but to hand in our coats and bags. I think it looks pretty good (and no, we are not this colour coordinated or neat:)).

photo 5 photo 4


Hope you enjoyed this, stay tuned for a couple of great giveaways from Howard Storage world

xxx shereen

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