The 7 Step Wardrobe Makeover Challenge. Step 6 – How to Know your Body Shape and Create your Personal Style

Working out your personal style and what suits your body can seem quite daunting especially with so many fashion magazines, fashion shows, fashion blogs and of course social media.

Messages of what you should buy, confusing articles and tv shows telling us it’s better to be skinny but dangerous to be obsessed about it, love your body no matter what size but try to loose weight, be your own person but wear what everyone else wears and so on and so on.

Let me just say that the only thing that matters is your health and looking after the body that is keeping you alive. So as long as you’re healthy, you eat delicious food that hopefully nourishes your body and soul( im talking about chocolate here) and excercise to keep the old bones from falling apart, don’t worry so much about the number on your clothing.

When I was a size 1o, I never exercised, and I ate a chocolate bar and drank coke for breakfast most days. I was at my most healthiest when I was a size 12/14. I was toned, I went to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, I ate healthy most of the time with lots of naughty stuff too but I never dieted. Perfect score at my annual doc’s check up every year so I knew I was healthy.

Right now I’m pretty unhealthy and overweight, something which i need to get under control so I can keep up and play with Maya when she’s a little older and be around a lot longer. That’s another challenge I need to get on to as soon as I can.

Now, on to what you clicked on to read.

 Step 1: Work out your Body Shape

There are the 5 basic shapes with lots of variations in between. The easiest way is to either measure yourself or stand in front of a mirror and imagine yourself as a 2D outline.

For each basic body shape there are general Guidelines on what to wear and what to avoid.

starringmaya body shapes

You are an Hourglass if your boobs and hips are around the same width with a narrower defined waist. This is the holy grail of shapes, picture Marilyn Monroe. Clothes always look fantastic when worn on an hourglass body because of the perfect proportions and balance. Play it up by emphasizing your waist, accessorizing with belts and  pencil skirts.

Triangle – this is where the top half of your body is wide,  narrowing down to a smaller hip and bottom. To balance out your shape, bring focus to the bottom half with prints, textured fabrics, A-line skirts, bright colours. Downplay the top half with darker tonal colours, minimal accessories and small prints.

Pear shape is the opposite – small boobs, narrow shoulders, wide hips and booty. Here you need to bring all the attention to the top half of your body by statement necklaces or earrings, print or bright colours, tops with gathers, pleats or as many sequins as you desire. With Your bottom half, An A-line silhouette will be most flattering, in plain darker colours or small prints.

Rectangle is a pretty common shape whether you’re slim or curvy. Its when chest waist and hips are almost similar in measurement. To give you some shape, the best and quickest way to do this is to accessorize with a belt. The idea is to give your waist some definition. Flared or A-line skirts are also flattering.

The Apple shape– is where the middle section  of your body is wider than chest and hips. Usually this would mean that you are short-waisted as well. Lucky me. Take it from me this is one of the hardest shapes to dress. To lengthen the torso and bring attention to the shoulder and chest area, wear statement accessories like scarves or chunky necklaces and earrings.  V necklines are great, and the tailored jacket or vest will be your best friend. On the bottom half wear body skimming straight or slightly flared/Aline skirts in darker colours or smaller prints. Emphasize the smallest area of your body which is usually just under the boobs (empire line), and show off your legs by wearing knee-length skirts.

 Of course, as I mentioned earlier, there are other variations like:

  • Long torso – balance this out with high-waisted skirts/pants and belts.
  • Short waist – layer your tops. Tops with collars add height and wear skirts/pants low on waist or hips.
  • lovely saddle bags – A line skirts or straight leg pants are best.
  • Big boobs – V or low scoop necklines, long necklaces and wrap tops/dresses are great for minimising.
  • Small boobs – you can wear high turtle necks, any high neck tops, tops with ruffles, gathers or chunky necklaces to add volume.
  • Short legs – knee-length skirts or  pants/skirts/dresses worn long to cover the heels of shoes.
  • Thick legs/ankles – avoid ankle or calf length boots, wear skirts ending at narrowest part of leg, usually just below or on the knee.

Hopefully now you have a little clarity over what body shape you are and the silhouettes you need to look out for when shopping.

Step 2: Work out your Personal Style.

Remember week 1 when you had to collect images and styles of clothing you like and create a mood board? This is where it come in handy.

mood board starringmaya

Pick out the essence of the style, it may be that like me, you like the tuxedo look which means that a black tailored jacket, and white shirt is the essence.

It may be floaty romantic dresses, or leggings and tees with leather jackets. Or it may be just the classic blue jeans or bohemian style jewellery.

Whatever it is, adapt it to your shape and you’ll not only have your open style, but you’ve made it your own by making it work for you and your life.

My personal style is relaxed loose fitted tops worn with jeans or skirts, blacks, whites and statement jewellery. I like to have a black jacket in tjhe closet for the days I feel like dressing my jeans up, and scarves are the ultimate winter accessory, not only good for upifiting outfours, but for covering up little finger prints of food left by cheeky 1 year olds!

Hope you enjoyed  this week’s wardrobe challenge.

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Coming up next week: the finishing touches

xxx shereen

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