The 7 Step Wardrobe Makeover Challenge. Step 7: The finishing Touches

Whether you now have a fantastically organised wardrobe, or a bit fat proud mess, it’s all good. I may spout the merits of a perfect wardrobe but in reality, it will stay tidy for a few days at best and then back to mayhem.

Although it’s great having the extra space and beautiful storage products, my wardrobe is always, unashamedly going to be messy.

Always has been. always will be. And ive made peace with. It’s who I am.

At least now when I do tidy up it really does look like a very creative organised and intelligent woman’s wardrobe. Not really.

So now on to the last step of the wardrobe challenge – thank goodness it’s over because I’m exhausted!

To finish of your wonderful wardrobe challenge, here’s a few little tips to make your life easier:

 Create Outfits:

Play dress ups in your closet. Whether it’s for work or play, put together whole outfits that you know work really well and take a selfie in the mirror so you can see every item clearly.  Try on everything and create as many outfits as you can. You might even find that you can cull a little more.

Keep the images on your phone and on the mornings when you’re running late or your brain can’t compute what goes with what, go through your photos and choose an outfit. Easy.

Make a Shopping List:

While you are creating your outfits, you’ll realize that maybe a couple of singlets, a jacket or a fresh white shirt is a much-needed item to complete a look. Write down your wish list and whenever you have time or money, add these pieces to your wardrobe.

 Create a Check Station:

Have an area in your home where you keep just a select few basic bits of jewellery and makeup so that you can quickly sort yourself out as you’re leaving.

My check station is right by the front door where I keep a few earrings, a couple of scarves, lip gloss, sunglasses and perfume. Just enough to give me a little boost in 10 the seconds I have before little Maya pushes me out the door. Oh and a mirror helps… many a times I’ve had to suck it up and go back to at least brush my hair or get a clean unstained top. I may have  let standards slide in some areas but I still have a little pride left!

 Double Up on Basics.

This is of course a luxury, but if you can, I highly recommend having a downsized version of the check station like above in your handbag and car. In a little case keep basic makeup like powder and gloss, maybe a pair of earrings and a necklace, needle and thread, safety pins, hollywood tape, bobby pins and hair tie.

You never know a hem or button will rip, or a last-minute catch up with friends might pop up, i promise you’ll be grateful for the stash in the car!


starring maya check station
My bits of jewellery by the front door

starring maya perfume bottles

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xxx shereen


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