How To Dress UnMumsy

How not to dress like a mum. What does that even mean? I had heard the term before but I had to sit own and note point by point the meaning of that phrase.
To me, when a mum gets dressed most days she usually:
  • Throws on something comfortable and practical if she’s going to be doing a million errands with her child all day.
  • Puts on something that doesn’t require ironing because there’s no time.
  • Doesn’t have a moment to accessorize before leaving the house, and well, your toddler will just pull it off anyway.
  •  Doesnt have time to colour coordinate so will usually wear all black or throw on a pair of jeans with any old top.
  • Wears the same shoes everyday – and it’s one that most likely is the most comfortable and easy to slip on.
  •  Is lucky if there’s time for a shower let alone makeup so hair is either usually up and makeup is kept to a minimum like lip balm.

Am I on the right track? I’m just going by what goes on in my life and around me. I see a lot of busy mums bustling their babies around, some I envy for having the time to look so great, and some I relate to with all of the above points.

Sure, I make an effort when I have to go to work or have a special event to go to, but there are many days that I just cannot summon the energy or time. On those days I have a few tricks I’ve learned over the years to help me look and feel half decent. Or, at least I hope so…

Here are a few tips you can follow to make yourself feel unmumsy.
  1. Go through your wardrobe and cull . Put clothes that you wear most days in one pile. Any clothing that doesn’t fit or flatter, are stained and damaged need to go. It’s better to have 3 great tops in good condition than to have 20 that look like shit. It might take a whole evening but be ruthless and it will make life easier. If you need more info on this check out my wardrobe makeover challenge.
  2. Create a uniform or some ‘go to’ outfits. It doesn’t matter if you dress in the same style everyday. If it works it works. My uniform at the moment is jeans, black or white shirt, an oversized black poncho, black flats and a pair of great statement earrings.
  3. When shopping look for clothes that have stretch and movement, are machine washable and safe in the dryer.  Pick neutral colours like white, black or grey that will make coordinating easy. Look for good tailoring and ones that flatter your figure.
  4. Every season, spoil yourself with some retail therapy, go to a cheap and cheerful accessory shop like Lovisa or Topshop and buy yourself a few up to date fashion items. A statement necklace, a couple of pairs of earrings, scarves and bags can refresh your mood and wardrobe. Choose any colour you like because they’ll go well with all your neutral clothing. You don’t need a lot, you just need a couple to update your wardrobe.
  5. If you’re not a fan of neutrals, of course get the colours you love to wear and accessorize around that. I knew a girl who only wore red… maybe a black here and there but mostly all red, head to toe. That was her style and she was fab. Be yourself.
  6. Every girl should own a pair of great jeans. Look for one that fits well on the butt, doesn’t sag, and fits at the waist firmly. Well fitted clothes you spend hours shopping for will make you look like fabulous in a flash.
  7. Invest in 1 pair of amazing leather shoes that mould to your feet. Classic loafers, ankle boots and a pair of sneakers will be all that you need. Rotate them around. Pairing a pair of black loafers with jeans and a white button down shirt is the ultimate chic.
  8. If you have great skin you wont have to wear too much makeup but if you need to then work out a quick routine that works for you and make it happen every morning before you leave. You can try this 2 minute makeup routine that works like a dream for me. All you need is a good foundation and concealer, mascara, bit of cream blush and lip gloss and you’re done.
Here are some celebrity mum’s who have great street style.
starringmaya celebrity mums fashion - how not to dress like a mum
Claudia Schiffer In a great pair of jeans, knit top and flat. The bright bag is great with all the neutrals she’s wearing. Photo found on
starringmaya jessica alba celebrity mum fashion  how not to dress like a mum
A neutral outfit made stunning by a gorgeous scarf – Jessica Alba makes it look easy right!? Photo found on



starringmaya pink celebrity mum fashion -  how not to dress like a mum
Pink is a lady who has her own style and hasn’t let motherhood change it. A black knit, some fab trousers and heels and she’s amazing. Keep your own style going as long as it works for you. Photo found on
starringmaya camilla Alves celebrity mum fashion -  how not to dress like a mum
Camilla Alvez is gorgeous in a pretty neutral outfit with great jeans and accessories. Photo found on
starringmaya Miranda Kerr celebrity mums fashion -  how not to dress like a mum
Mirander Kerr in one of the easiest and comfortable pieces you can own – the sweater dress. So easy and wear with high boots like her or flats and ankle boots.
starringmaya drew barrymore celebrity mums fashion -  how not to dress like a mum
I Love this woman. Drew barrymore wears what she wants, puts on makeup when she feels like and doesn’t care what people think of her. She always looks fabulous. Her jeans are great and I love the simple patent loafers. Photo found on


Did you enjoy these tips and inspirations? Do you have any other tips? Please feel free to share in the comments section below – I love reading them!!

starringmaya fashion quote alexander wang -  how not to dress like a mum


xxx Shereen

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6 thoughts on “How To Dress UnMumsy

  1. I’m really struggling with this at the moment. I used to love shopping and now I almost hate it. I get really stressed out. I don’t know what suits me, what’s current, sometimes I do just wear my old badly pilled track pants and my partners old jumpers with runners because it’s just too hard to try to work out what to wear.

    I also suck at make up. So badly. And accessories. I pretty much own none.

    Otherwise my “mum uniform” is a pair of jeans (I’m just *so* over wearing jeans, but at least they’re pretty safe) and a t-shirt, singlet, or jumper (pretty much exclusively black), with runners or thongs – depending on the weather.

    1. I completely understand Rachel, I havent lost my pregnancy weight at all, and I felt for a long time I’ve been in clothing limbo land where I dont even want to go out sometimes because I had nothing to wear that made me feel good inside. Doing a major wardrobe cull really helped, i found that having only 3 things to wear actually made me feel better than having loads that were awful or too small.
      Dont worry about what’s current, focus on what makes you feel good and just start small. My advice would be to keep the jeans and the runners, and maybe see if you can find some beautiful femanine jumpers in some gorgeous knit. even if it is black or a ‘safe’ colour, having something new and not your boyfriends will make you feel more like you. You can get cheap options online like at the iconic where they do free delivery and free returns so you can order 2 sizes and try them on. Then just go from there. One at a time. If you feel like it maybe even buy one cheap necklace you can wear with your jumper and jeans. second step, add a couple of tops, then maybe add a pair of trousers, and on and on. I hope this helped a little? feel free to ask anything you like:) x shereen
      Throw old and pilled stuff away. You deserve to have nice things that you can afford and you deserve to look and feel beautiful 🙂

  2. Love this post! 🙂 I think you’re pretty much spot on with your list. I definitely don’t have time to color-coordinate or wear anything fancy, heck, sometimes I don’t even have time to find matching socks, let alone wear matchy-matchy outfits. And my hair is always up in a bun – for convenience AND protection, because there’s nothing more painful than having it ripped out by your one year old.

    Great post, thanks for sharing! 🙂 I popped over from Facebook to say hi! Keep in touch!

    1. hi! Oh thank you for your lovely comment and feedback 🙂 And i completely understand – my hair is almost always up too and I have only about 5 tops that i can wear which I rotate so that my nice stuff doesnt get ruined!

  3. Loved this, thanks for the inspiration! I would probably get a 5/10 from you on the mumsy scale. I like makeup and find the time time to get it on but my outfits could do with a revamp and I wear the same shoes everyday. Will have to take myself to Topshop!

    1. Hi Laney! Thank you so much for reading, I’m happy you loved it:) I would never score anyone on how they dress, so no way I’d give you a 5! if i had to score I’d probably end up giving a 10/10 to everyone, especially mums. I write this as I sit braless in my pjs and dressing gown and thats about as glamorous as I will get today! If you want a revamp, get yourself a couple of new things or even just another pair of shoes and leavethem by the front door so you have it ready to go. As for clothes, I find what works for me is to give myself only the choice of a very few but classic pieces that hang in my wardrobe. My clothes are pretty boring, it’s the jewellery and the scarf I put on last minutes that gives them a lift! I’m sure you’re gorgeous:)

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