How to Wear Your Little Black Dress Casually

You probably know lots of way you can dress up an outfit from day-to-night right?

But what happens when you have a closet full of beautiful cocktail dresses and glamorous sequined jackets from a life long ago.

A life before you had kids where you had never heard of wet wipes. Where you only used your washing machine once a week.

Or perhaps a life where you worked in a job that required a formal wardrobe. Clothes that no longer fit into your new job.

I know I do. Plenty.

Some don’t fit on my body and some don’t fit into my life.

It would be so wonderful to wear your cocktail dress to the pub without looking weirdly overdressed.

Not like the time when my 2 crazy glamorous friends went to the roughest pub in the roughest town (by accident) dressed in their finest on the way to a wedding.

Too funny.

Here are my favourite ways to wear your LBD casually:

  1. A denim jacket fixes everything. Throwing one on over a cocktail dress instantly gives you casual chic status. A casual blazer or a Vest/gillet would work too. Speaking of denim, a pair of jeans with a white tee is a gorgeous way to dress down a sequined jacket or silk cape.
  2. Accessorize with fun jewellery like a pair of dangly bohemian style earrings or a stack of bangles to give your structured dresses a casual feel.
  3. Printed Accessories are so much fun. From stripes to florals to leopard print, your choices are limitless. A print scarf or a leopard print bag is a great way to break up the solid black of your dress.
  4. Ankle boots are so comfortable and practical but most of all they look great with almost every outfit. You can choose the safe route with black or experiment different looks with tans and greys.
  5. An oversized bag has a ‘casual just hanging out with my girls’ feel about it.

Here’s a fun example:

starringmaya how to wear your little black dress casually
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Here is another outfit inspiration I found on Pinterest by a blogger.

starringmaya How yo wear your little black dress casually




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