How to Dress Like Audrey Hepburn in Summer

So a friend, who may I just say has JUST birthed her second child a few mere seconds ago, emailed me to ask the following.

“Hey Shereen! I want to start dressing like Audrey Hepburn. What kind of sandals / summer shoes do you recommend?

(And did Audrey ever wear bonds trackies? )” 

I have this image of her in the hospital, baby in one hand, wearing bonds trackies and black ballet flats turning this way and that in front of the tiny bathroom mirror.

So to answer her question, because one always does what a lady with a newborn asks, I have a few tips for her below.

Besides, Audrey Hepburn is my style icon too, so I loved writing this one. In fact I now have the need to go shopping…

How to dress like Audrey Hepburn in Summer

starringmaya audrey

Images courtesy of pinterest. Click here to go to source of each image.
  1. Wear mainly block colours. Apart from stripes and a few prints here and there, most of the time she was photographed in block colours and simple lines. A simple white top tucked into a black pant, or black head to toe. If you love and have loads of prints already then all you need to do is accessorize with block colours. A print dress with black shoes, black structured bag and maybe a little black jacket.
  2. Accessorize.Get yourself a pair of big black sunglasses, a large brimmed hat, small structured bag and a large straw tote.
  3. Wear all black with a defined waist. Whether it’s a turtle neck tucked into a pair of ankle grazing pants, or a black sleeveless vest belted with a below knee-length skirt.
  4. You have to master the art of the fitted white shirt worn casually. Wear it in or out but wear it with a pair of black pants or tucked into a 50’s style flare skirt.  Sleeveless shirts in whites, pastels and subtle prints are amazing tucked into jeans or ankle length trousers.
  5. Minimal jewellery. See, this is where Audrey and I part ways….I get dressed and then I become Elizabeth Taylor. It’s in my blood, I can’t help it. But, the gorgeous Audrey on the other hand almost always went for classic studs and simple jewellery. I do love the earrings she had on in the movie Sabrina though, and I confess, I bought a pair almost like it for the times I feel like being ladylike.
  6. Sort out your Audrey inspired capsule wardrobe which would include items such as:
  • Fitted shirts
  • Small neck scarf in cute prints
  • Black  tops
  • Black ankle grazer pants
  • Vintage style 50’s dress or skirt
  • A pair of black loafers or ballet flats and sandals.
  • A small handbag you carry on your wrist. (Useless information for mothers, I know).
  • Big black sunglasses. particularly good for mothers
  • Simple jewellery.
  • A fabulous hat with a big brim in either black, cream or neutral.
summer audrey inspired shoes starringmaya
These gorgeous shoes are all from Wittner Australia.
audrey hepburn summer sandals starringmaya
Images courtesy of Pinterest, Click here to go to source of each image.
  1. And last but not least, I recommend flat or low block/wedged heeled shoes. The lady knew how to dress without compromising style or comfort. I’ve put together a few ideas from one store, but there are plenty of options around in all price ranges.

And did Audrey Hepburn wear bonds trackies? I’m betting she did. Perhaps not bonds but trackies indeed.

Hope this helped! xxx Shereen

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