How to Dress Like Audrey Hepburn in Summer

So a friend, who may I just say has JUST birthed her second child a few mere seconds ago, emailed me to ask the following.

“Hey Shereen! I want to start dressing like Audrey Hepburn. What kind of sandals / summer shoes do you recommend?

(And did Audrey ever wear bonds trackies? )” 

I have this image of her in the hospital, baby in one hand, wearing bonds trackies and black ballet flats turning this way and that in front of the tiny bathroom mirror.

So to answer her question, because one always does what a lady with a newborn asks, I have a few tips for her below.

Besides, Audrey Hepburn is my style icon too, so I loved writing this one. In fact I now have the need to go shopping…

How to dress like Audrey Hepburn in Summer

starringmaya audrey

Images courtesy of pinterest. Click here to go to source of each image.
  1. Wear mainly block colours. Apart from stripes and a few prints here and there, most of the time she was photographed in block colours and simple lines. A simple white top tucked into a black pant, or black head to toe. If you love and have loads of prints already then all you need to do is accessorize with block colours. A print dress with black shoes, black structured bag and maybe a little black jacket.
  2. Accessorize.Get yourself a pair of big black sunglasses, a large brimmed hat, small structured bag and a large straw tote.
  3. Wear all black with a defined waist. Whether it’s a turtle neck tucked into a pair of ankle grazing pants, or a black sleeveless vest belted with a below knee-length skirt.
  4. You have to master the art of the fitted white shirt worn casually. Wear it in or out but wear it with a pair of black pants or tucked into a 50’s style flare skirt.  Sleeveless shirts in whites, pastels and subtle prints are amazing tucked into jeans or ankle length trousers.
  5. Minimal jewellery. See, this is where Audrey and I part ways….I get dressed and then I become Elizabeth Taylor. It’s in my blood, I can’t help it. But, the gorgeous Audrey on the other hand almost always went for classic studs and simple jewellery. I do love the earrings she had on in the movie Sabrina though, and I confess, I bought a pair almost like it for the times I feel like being ladylike.
  6. Sort out your Audrey inspired capsule wardrobe which would include items such as:
  • Fitted shirts
  • Small neck scarf in cute prints
  • Black  tops
  • Black ankle grazer pants
  • Vintage style 50’s dress or skirt
  • A pair of black loafers or ballet flats and sandals.
  • A small handbag you carry on your wrist. (Useless information for mothers, I know).
  • Big black sunglasses. particularly good for mothers
  • Simple jewellery.
  • A fabulous hat with a big brim in either black, cream or neutral.
summer audrey inspired shoes starringmaya
These gorgeous shoes are all from Wittner Australia.
audrey hepburn summer sandals starringmaya
Images courtesy of Pinterest, Click here to go to source of each image.
  1. And last but not least, I recommend flat or low block/wedged heeled shoes. The lady knew how to dress without compromising style or comfort. I’ve put together a few ideas from one store, but there are plenty of options around in all price ranges.

And did Audrey Hepburn wear bonds trackies? I’m betting she did. Perhaps not bonds but trackies indeed.

Hope this helped! xxx Shereen

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My week In Photographs

What a gorgeous last few days of Winter in Sydney this week has been right? 26 Degrees on Saturday, crazy!

It’s been another busy week, mostly groundhog day revolving around the kid’s sleep, food, entertainment and trying to get some work in between.

And so the story goes. Before I know it it’s another Monday again. I hate Mondays. Not because I have to got to work, but because I feel like I should make some kind of plans for the week. A to do list so that I can be more productive. Oh the pressure. Luckily it’s usually over in a blink of an eye and by Tuesday, well, it’s too late to make plans so I can just give in to the daily routine. Yeay for watching the Gruffalo again!

Here’s what my week looked like. It was an unusually full week, we hardly ever manage to fit so much in!

starring maya first burger


Started off with this little munchkin tasting her first burger and loving it. And that little screwed up face is her latest camera smile style.

starringmaya succulent babiesMy succulent babies seem to be doing well… cant wait to replant them in cute little pots…or maybe I’ll make a succulent garden…  if Maya doesnt destroy them before.

starringmaya dolls house

This is my very special project at the moment. Maya and I found a doll’s house in an ugly but very solid brown wood at a garage sale. I’ve given it a couple of coats with gloss white rustoleum spray paint and I love how it’s turned out. Now on to decorating and furniture making.

starring maya beach

We went to Manly Sea life Sanctuary to see Maya’s beloved Penguins followed by fun at the beach.

Jewellery starring maya

Got a lot of photographing of jewellery done for Instagram … Love doing this. The wizards at the Peter Lang studio have always been so generous letting me borrow whatever I like to photograph. This necklace found its way into my jewellery draw. Oops.

starring maya portrait


And lastly my favourite part of the week was a wonderful portrait session photographed by Claude. I wanted a beautiful portrait of Maya and I for the blog and for my photo wall at home. This is just a sneak untouched peek but I absolutely LOVE it. Cant wait to show you more once it’s finished.

That’s it for now, tune in for hopefully more exciting things next time. Have a wonderful week! xxx


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Where I am right now – Taking Stock

It’s not often I take a moment and really think about where I am, but after doing this fun little exercise, I’m a convert. It’s a little bit of much-needed reality check, and a little bit of fun.

It’s a great idea and thanks to Pip and her blog (meet me at Mikes), I’ve got a list to go by.

Here’s what’s in my head right now:

Making : Tiny skirts for my tiny 2-year-old.                                                                           Cooking : Creamy chicken and mushroom pasta
Drinking : Water wishing it was champagne
Reading: A book I started 2 years ago and have forgotten what it’s called.
Wanting: A house with a backyard… so bad
Looking: at my daughter’s naked dolls strewn all over the living room
Playing: with my daughter
Deciding: what I want to blog about
Wishing: I had a fairy god-mother
Enjoying: being a mummy
Waiting: for the day that she’s not stuck to me like glue so I can do some work
Liking: that the winter days in Sydney are getting warmer
Wondering: when the dryer is going to finish doing its job
Loving: my cheap and cheerful homeware buys from Kmart
Pondering: whether to get more indoor plants
Considering: getting more indoor plants
Watching: The bachelor 
Hoping: there’s a fun movie on next
Marvelling: at my daughter’s cleverness.
Needing: a holiday
Smelling: washing liquid from the laundry
Wearing: Pajamas
Following: some good advice on how to get writing
Noticing: how many excuses I make to get out of it
Knowing: that tomorrow is another day
Thinking: I might take my daughter to the park to feed the ducks
Feeling: adventurous
Admiring: Other working mums who seem to have their heads screwed on
Sorting: through receipts for tax
Buying: a shirt-dress from Asos
Getting: excited for summer
Bookmarking: loads of articles on how to stop 2-year-old tantrums
Disliking: that Australia is so stupidly behind on legalizing gay marriage
Feeling: all gooey because my daughter told me I was beautiful tonight
Snacking: mandarin

Below is blank list for you to copy and paste if you feel like taking stock of your own life:)

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Hope you enjoy doing this !


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How I blog

How I blog - starring maya

It’s Monday night, 10.15 and I’m sitting on the couch, bra less, makeup less, glamour less.

Kid has been sleeping since 7pm… I laugh in my head as I type that because she’s already woken up 3 times thanks to her fever and blocked nose.

It’s been a Panadol commercial in our apartment.

So here I am, trying to come up with cool posts. Fashion posts are out. It’s very hard to write stylish when you can see your reflection resembling a drowned street rat on the black TV screen in front of you.

I should be asleep. I should shower while my kid sleeps. I should clean the pasta hurricane remnants from the floor.

starring maya - messy home
not my actual home – but this is close

Instead, on the pretence of I’m working , contributing some valuable insights to someone, I am sitting here writing this post.

Oh but I’m not alone though.

starring maya = my little pony toy

I have Hoot the talking owl on my right, naked Elsa and Ana on the table behind my head, two teddy bear biscuits abandoned by my daughter on the arm of the couch and a couple of ‘my little pony’ things at my feet.

To get in the mood I also have some beautiful music playing – which is probably why my eyes are getting heavier by the second.

I really should sleep.

Blogging to music is amazing. It’s a new tool I discovered totally by accident. I should say rediscovered, because it’s not as if I am new to it.

Back in my pre baby days I used to spend my days on the road driving from shops to shop with music as my companion. Music always has a way of reaching deep into your memory vault for a few minutes to make you relive or experience something on another level.

I’d forgotten.

Not to say that the Wiggles and twinkle little star aren’t deep and thought evoking… After all, how else am I going to remember that I’m a mum now. I need reminding all the time. The early mornings, sleepless nights and non stop cooking ad cleaning after kid are not enough.

A few days ago I was driving on my own and I realized I hadn’t listened to the radio in a while. Usually when kid is in the car she demands I sing wheels on the bloody bus again and again and again. She probably sensed I’d forgotten I was a mum.

So a song came on, a song too embarrassing to name but lets just say that it was a teen favourite in the pop genre, and it made me reminisce hard about life. Suddenly all these profoundly intelligent sentences and stories started popping onto my head, I was so pumped I couldn’t wait to get home to blog.

By the time I got home, kid decided that I’d had enough time on my own so there was no free time. Who was I kidding right?

Which brings me back to tonight — attempting a beautifully articulated award-winning blog post. While fighting tiredness. And a bitch of a cold.

But instead you get a late night rant. Sorry.

Moral of this story my friends, is that when one realizes that one is not going to win the ‘free time’ game with a 2-year-old, the smartest thing one can do, in fact the only thing one can do is to just roll with it. 

Because you have no choice.

Tomorrow night I will be here again, same place, same time, same pajamas, attempting genius.

This is how I blog.



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My First Adventure

starring maya the first time I moved out of home

Once upon a time, when I was about 23, a friend and I hatched a crazy plan to pack our things and drive to the Gold Coast to live for six months. My first adventure as an adult.

For fun.

(For non Aussie residents, the Gold coast in Queensland is a 12 hour drive from Sydney.)

This genius plan took about 10 minutes to come up so you can imagine how holey it was. We didn’t know where we’d live or how we’d actually earn money. We had a friend’s place to crash in for a couple of days and that was good enough for us!

It will work itself out I said to myself.

Three days later, my little red car half way packed,  I was enjoying my last cup of tea at home before picking up my friend.

I was so ridiculously excited and nervous at the same time. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that it felt amazing to be doing something so crazy.

And then, I received a text from this friend that read “sorry, I can’t make it today, something came up”.

Just like that.

Like she was cancelling a coffee date instead of this major life changing event , no big deal.

Everything fell apart in my head as I stared at the phone completely stunned. I remember sitting in the living room and crying my eyes out… Scared and vulnerable. I didn’t want to go alone but I didn’t want to stay.

Deciding to leave wasn’t an easy feat. I am of indian background with strict parents, I was young and naive and had never lived out of home before. Indian parents would prefer that all thier children live at home forever, even after marriage and kids.

Clearly I was very unindian so I lied to them saying I had a job offer. A film for six months and the money was too good to refuse.

But, I didn’t have a job. Or a place to live. Or much money.

My safety net was gone and I was at a complete loss. And scared shitless

In my heart I knew that this would be one of the most important crossroads in my life. There was only one decision and I just needed to suck it up and make my mind up.

So I did.

I packed a few more things and started driving.

My first journey into a completely unknown future.

Just me, my music and my humble possessions.

Although, about 5 hours into the drive, in the pitch black night, with torrential rain obscuring the windscreen, I had a complete breakdown. I cried that loud ugly cry you can only do in private.

Dont worry, lucky this story has a happy ending.

On the way there I got a random call from an agency asking me if I was available to work on a film shooting in Queensland starting the next day.

Why yes, I believe I was available.

When I arrived at my friend’s place in the late hours of the night, she asked if I wanted to get a place to live together because her lease was up.

Hell yes!

I started work the next day, met and made some amazing friends who I still love today and moved to a gorgeous house with my lovely friend.

Trusting my gut instinct to keep going despite the fear that day set a pattern for the rest of my life. Best decision I ever made.

The end.

Have you ever done something crazy and taken a chance? How did it work out for you?

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Wardrobe Tips – How to Get Rid of Clothing Stains

I remember my first job as a wardrobe assistant at a television station.

It was a huge opportunity with lots of fun dressing Tv personalities but as the assistant, one of my responsibilities was to wash and iron tons of shirts everyday.

It wasnt so bad actually. I quite enjoyed ironing, even to this day.

The cleaning not so much.

The camera picks up the tiniest stray thread or stain so each clothing item had to be meticulously cleaned before it was worn.

There was always some kind of accident –Lipstick, foundation, pen, coffee, mascara, even blood from shaving.

I learned a few things.

The quicker you get to it the better your chances of getting it all off. If you’re out, at least wash as much of the stain you can with cold water and get it in the wash as soon as you get home.

I recently tried Exit spray from Howard Storage World, experimenting on silks, cotton and denim. I must say it’s become a go to product – especially with a chocolate crazy toddler in the house.

How to remove stains on clothing starring maya howard storage world

I tried it out on lipstick, foundation, pasta sauce and waterproof mascara,  about an hour after I applied the stain and they all came off like a dream.  The only thing I had trouble with was grease and oil stains but I sorted that out with a little bit of dishwashing liquid and hot water.

It’s really easy to use and comes in either a soap bar or a spray bottle. All I did was blot the excess off with a paper towel, spray with exit spray, leave for about half an hour and gently rub the area with warm water. Then I threw it in the washing machine and wash as normal.

Here are a few more tips I use to get rid of clothing stains.

  • For Food stains, like chocolate, pasta sauce or grease I use dishwashing liquid in warm water to start. rubbing the fabric gently. If the fabric care instructions allow for it, use hot water. dishwashing detergent was made to clean food and grease off your plates and works like a dream, especially on chocolate!
  •  Wine spills – if you can get your hands on club soda, the pour this on the stain. keep blotting with paper towel and soaking with soda until stain disappears. If there is boiling water handy, pour the water through the fabric until stain disappears.
  • OIl Stains – cover the entire area with talcum powder or corn flour and leave it overnight. Brush it off and if it’s still there try the dishwashing liquid or even shampoo in hot water to harness their oil destroying powers.
  • Makeup – Witch hazel is great for lipstick and liquid foundation stains. Just dab a little with a paper towel and rub gently. Then follow with mild laundry detergent. mascara and eye liner will come off easily in dishwashing liquid and warm water.
  • So to keep all your clothes stain free, always have dishwashing liquid, club soda, laundry detergent, talcum powder and exit spray in your laundry!

If you have any other tips, I would LOVE it if you shared. Tell me in the comments below.

xxx shereen


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Bollywood, filming on the set of "from Sydney with love"
On set in one of India’s film studios in Mumbai. Filming ‘From Sydney with love‘ . Photographed by Claudio Raschella
Bollywood, filming on the set of "from Sydney with love"
The crew of “From Sydney with Love” during filming, Mumbai, India.Photographed by Claudio Raschella
Bollywood, children love singing and dancing on the streets"
The beautiful children of india. Photography by Claudio Raschella

The streets of India are always filled with music and dancing.


All the time.

Children on the street dance and break out moves from the latest hits.

Walk into any store and I guarantee there will be Bollywood music on the radio or a movie playing on a small screen.

The rickshaw driver sings olde worldly songs as he hoons around.

Almost every wall and billboard  is plastered with huge colourful Bollywood posters.

I once met a Director of an Indian film once who told me he proposed to his girlfriend on the university campus by serenading a popular Hindi song.

That’s how big a part Bollywood movies play in the people’s lives, .

Indian Cinema, the largest film industry in the world, sweeps over the top and all around India like a warm, sparkly, glittery sunshiny blanket and makes the world look and sound more beautiful. At least to Indians who watch it.

It is a fantasy world where boy meets girl, falls in love at first sight, woos and wins her hand in marriage Throw in couple of tragedies just to spice it up and always, AlWAYS a happy ending. It is a 3 hour saga filled with glorious costumes and of course lots of song and dance — which is the heart and soul of all Bollywood movies.

They are the ultimate romantic musicals of love, heartbreak and melodrama.

Up until a few years ago on-screen kisses were taboo, even though there were some very heavy ‘wet sarees in the rain’ hints at all the sex that was going on behind the singing. Now, it seems that the modesty veil is well and truly out the door. There are some major kissing actions in almost every scene…Scandalous!

As for my experience? Lets just say that if it weren’t for Bollywood movies during my childhood, I wouldn’t be in the Industry that I am, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to speak hindi as well (or as terrible) as I do.

I love it.

I grew up in Fiji where hindi films were a huge part of the 40 ish% Indian population. It saw me through my childhood and teenage years.  My favourite bit? The costumes of course!

If you havent seen one, give it a go. I promise you’ll be thoroughly entertained and you don’t even need subtitles.

There’s something in there for everyone, and to some people, its everything.


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7 Tips for taking Better pictures on your iPhone

starring Maya 7 tips for taking better pictures on your iPhone title

Claude, my husband who happens to be a brilliant photographer, is sick of me.

I’m sure of it.

Ever since I started this blog I’ve been bugging him to take photos for my posts, whether it’s pictures of me looking ever so casual while I work, or of our child.

It started out fine. He took the photos, and after a few days of nagging he’d email them to me. The result — a visually beautiful post.

Months on, he’s over taking them. I’m over waiting for them.

So when I asked him for photography tips, he was only too happy (albeit little a too eager) to help. But hey, at least I now have some tips to share with you.

Without further ado, Here are Claude’s 7 best tips for taking great pictures with your iPhone

1. Consider your background.

It’s all very well to have your friends smiling beautifully but pay attention to the background too. You can get a great background by either moving the camera a little or moving your subject to frame an image.

Look out for lamp posts, rubbish bins or power lines sticking out of someone’s head.

starringmaya photography tips - consider backgrounds
Pic on the left looks funny with pole sticking out of his head, Pic on the right was taking by camera moving slightly to the left.
starringmaya how to photography tips
Left: with bins Right: without bins


2. Compose your shot like an artist

Pay attention to composition.

Photographers and artists have a little secret called ‘the rule of thirds’. It’s where the main subject of your image should only take up one-third of the entire frame. It’s always a more interesting picture when a person or product or landscape is off centre.

If you’re shooting the ocean and a beautiful sky for example, the horizon shouldn’t necessarily be across the centre. Take the photograph with more sea or more sky so the horizon will be sitting close to the bottom or top of the frame.


starring maya how to take better pictures with iPhone
In this image the hero of the picture, the playground is centred.
starringmaya how to tale better pictures with your iPhone
The playground here is closer to the foreground making the Image much more appealing.


3. A good photo needs good lighting.

Ask any photographer, and they’ll tell you: it’s all about the lighting.

If you’re taking a shot of a friend in the sunny outdoors, take it in the shade where you will get a smoother cleaner picture on their face. The sun can create lots of nasty shadows and glare on your face and does anyone really need that?

starringmaya sun shade how to take better photos
Left: My darling stuffing her face in the sun. Right: A few steps forward in shade

If you’re indoors and you want to take a shot of a product for example, shoot with the light not behind you and the camera. If you point your camera towards the light your image will be dark and you’ll get a silhouette.

Sometimes, a silhouette can be quite beautiful.


starringmaya how to take better pictures ith your iPhone
Silhouette of Claude and Maya
starringmaya how to take better pictures with your iPhone
Silhouette of Maya
starringmaya sun shade how to take better photographs
1. camera facing the bright window. 2. camera slightly angled so light is on the side. 3. Camera facing outside from a shaded balcony 4. Camera facing into the balcont with light behind.

4. Use the iPhone focus feature

Once you have your picture composed, touch and hold your iPhone screen where you want the main focus to be and a little square will come up, that’s your focus point.

You can also adjust the brightness or darkness of your image by dragging your finger up or down anywhere on the screen.

starringmaya using focus on the iphone to get better pictures


5. Use ‘bursts’ to get multiple shots

If like me, you have a child that is always blurry in pictures because she wont stop moving, keep your finger on the button and it will take multiple shots as she plays.

The number of shots depends on how long you keep your finger on the button. Hopefully among the many pictures there will be one shot in focus.

starringmaya bursts photography tips
Left: A few seconds gave me 23 photos in one burst. Press select on the bottom to choose the good ones. Right: All photos from one burst


6. Taking pics at night

Taking a picture in the dark slows down your shutter speed. Basically your camera is trying to let in more light. But with the shutter open for longer, there’s a good chance your picture will be blurry because you’re moving the camera.

You can get around this by holding the phone still. Put it on a stable surface like a fence or wall (unless you go pro and get yourself a tripod).

If you’re photographing friends be sure to turn on the flash, this will freeze any motion and maybe you might get a creative blurry background too.

starringmaya how to take better pictures with your iPhone
An evening outdoor shot
starringmaya how to take better pictures with your iPhone
Night shot with iPhone

7. Use photo apps.

There are loads of apps that allow you to alter, touch up or add filters to your photos.

Pro apps are a little more complicated but there are apps that are easy to use.

My favourite apps are Vintique and Photoshop Express. Claude, who’s a bit more experienced, uses Filterstorm or Snapseed or even ProShot

Now that I am more informed on how to take decent pictures, Claude’s a happy man. He thinks I wont bother him anymore with requests.

I will.

Thanks to Claude for helping me out. He’s the best photographer I know, check out his Facebook page for his work.

Do you have any other tips or Apps that you like to use? I would love to hear your thoughts. Tell me in the comments below.


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A few Kind Words

A Few Kind words can make a person's day - or a make a blogger's block disappear!I’ve been struggling like crazy to write something decent for the past few weeks. It’s not that I haven’t got any ideas of what to write, it’s how I write that’s the problem.

And the more I umm and ahh about each newly started post the more doubts I have.

I wonder if people read my posts, if they can make sense out of it, if they get knowledge or any kind of enjoyment from it.

Seems to be a pretty common ailment this blogger’s block business.

While it’s nice knowing there are other’s out there, I still don’t like when I’m in the thick of it without a light at the end of the tunnel.

I procrastinate and take days to write one post because nothing seems to work. I write a story, and an hour later I hit delete because to me I sound like a dick.

On and on it goes until I give up and get on pinterest to get some visual inspiration. Also a great way to waste time.

Today I went to visit a colleague and friend when out of the blue she told me she loved one of my recent posts and reading it had made her tear up a little. She said some other lovely things too which boosted my confidence a thousand fold so here I am writing again!

It was a really nice thing to hear and it’s given me just what I needed, a bit of confidence.

I will most certainly pass it on next time I come across something I love by someone else.

You never know how a few kind words change a person’s day 🙂

Whats the nicest compliment you received lately? Tell me in the comments below


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Why Women Find it Hard to Change Thier Wardrobe

Sometimes I’ll meet a client who wants a different wardrobe but she doesn’t want to change. They like the idea of a new style or look but when it comes to actually creating a new wardrobe for them they can’t bring themselves to go through with it.

Why is it so hard for some women to change their wardrobe style?

I have a few theories. I could be wrong, has happened many many times before so tell me to shut up anytime.

Do any of these reasons/excuses sound familiar?:

  • You try on lots of styles but insist you don’t like anything new.
  • You don’t think it will have any real benefit so what’s the point.
  • It can be too expensive.
  • You don’t want to stray far from what you normally wear.
  • You’re afraid that you’ll become different inside – for eg you work with children and are compassionate and dressing too well might change that perception.
  • you’re worried your new clothes will make people think you care more about yourself than anything important.

I get it, I really do. But you have to get over it!

Having confidence in yourself in how you look is a pretty powerful thing, whether you are into high fashion or alternative, it doesn’t matter. If you truly  don’t like it, do something about it.

Change is not easy.

I grew up in a home and community where we were encouraged to take pride in our appearances, but to never seem that you tried too hard. Never wear too much makeup, or really fancy clothes because people will think that you’re vain and conceited. Look good but look plain, don’t try too hard but do your hair. Oh is that a new coat? Look’s expensive – how lucky you must be not to have to worry about anything but pretty things for yourself. Aka – you’re vain youre selfish… who do you think you are?

Pretty fucked up yes?

It’s taken me a long time to get over it, and still I wonder if sometimes people see me as self-centred because I splashed out on expensive shoes, or even just new shoes and I’m pretty sure my mother thinks I’m substituting the baby’s food money for my jewellery addiction.

Anyway, to change your wardrobe is not a simple matter of buying new clothes and dressing like one of your idols. You have to go through a bit of a  psychological change.

You got to be prepared to let go of the old and see someone new in the mirror.

You have to let go of the notion that people might think you are now a follower or a fashionista (god I hate that word) and not yourself.

I once had a client, who after a day of buying beautiful clothes, stop when it came to accessories  because it would make her look TOO good. Yes really.

Whatever your reason is for wanting a change in your wardrobe, make sure it’s a good reason, somewhere along the lines of it giving you more confidence, making you happy etc, and hold on to it.

And know that even though your outside appearance will change, you will still be who you are.

Life’s too short to live with what you hate.

What do you think? Do you find it hard to make the changes that you really want? Tell me in the comments below.

xxx shereen

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