3 tips for Incorporating Statement Jewellery into your Life

If you follow my Instagram account, then you’d by know that I’m obsessed with 2 things in my life. Maya and Jewellery.

I have a thing for big bold bright jewellery, and there is never such a thing as too much in my world when accessorizing.

I realize not everyone is as hardcore as me:-

  • When I have to travel I have a special case for my jewellery
  • When there is a jewellery sale my heart starts to palpitate
  • When I know there is a set to the ring I just bought, I go a little crazy and want it all
  • If I cant see it from a mile away I don’t want it
  • When I get dressed I choose my jewellery first
  • I think of jewellery as Art – of which I am an avid collector.

It wasn’t always this way. I remember during the London backpacking days, I wore the tiniest earrings and ring you ever did see. But when you’re living out of a suitcase with not much money to buy new outfits you start searching for ways to improvise. And so my jewellery obsession began.

I found it to be like anything else new, all you have to do is like it, want to wear it, put it on and get on with life.

So here are my 3 tips for incorporating statement jewellery into your life.

  1. Start with wearing only one bold piece to stand out and keep the rest minimal. You could wear a gorgeous statement necklace and keep your earrings/rings/bracelets small or wear none at all.

    starring maya how to wear statement jewellery
    Gorgeous Peter Lang necklace with stud earrings
  2. Pair bold jewellery with simple outfits. If you’re wearing a lot of prints and patterns, it can be hard to find something that goes if you are not a seasoned jewellery wearer. On the other hand if you are wearing, say a white shirt or tee with jeans, virtually any statement piece would look amazing. Keep it Simple.

    Starringmaya how to wear statement jewellery keeping it simple
    Alesha Dixon in a classic white shirt and jeans making for a great canvas for bold jewellery. Earrings and necklace by Peter Lang. Image of Alesha found on Pinterest.
  3. Choose jewels within your own personal style. If you only wear silver, then go for a statement piece in silver so you feel more comfortable. If you’re favourite colour is blue, try a turquoise piece. Or, if you’ve only ever worn earrings and no other piece of jewellery, then just start with statement earrings.

    starringmaya starter pieces
    Some great statement jewellery ideas to inspire you. All these beauties are from Peter lang.

I wear bold jewellery because I love looking at it, I love the way it feels. I love it period. I never for a minute ever wondered if it suited me or not, I just wear it because I like it.

Go ahead and try it. Do it with conviction and confidence. Take a selfie even!  No one will know it’s your first time anyway. They’re all too busy taking their own selfies

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Where I am right now – Taking Stock

It’s not often I take a moment and really think about where I am, but after doing this fun little exercise, I’m a convert. It’s a little bit of much-needed reality check, and a little bit of fun.

It’s a great idea and thanks to Pip and her blog (meet me at Mikes), I’ve got a list to go by.

Here’s what’s in my head right now:

Making : Tiny skirts for my tiny 2-year-old.                                                                           Cooking : Creamy chicken and mushroom pasta
Drinking : Water wishing it was champagne
Reading: A book I started 2 years ago and have forgotten what it’s called.
Wanting: A house with a backyard… so bad
Looking: at my daughter’s naked dolls strewn all over the living room
Playing: with my daughter
Deciding: what I want to blog about
Wishing: I had a fairy god-mother
Enjoying: being a mummy
Waiting: for the day that she’s not stuck to me like glue so I can do some work
Liking: that the winter days in Sydney are getting warmer
Wondering: when the dryer is going to finish doing its job
Loving: my cheap and cheerful homeware buys from Kmart
Pondering: whether to get more indoor plants
Considering: getting more indoor plants
Watching: The bachelor 
Hoping: there’s a fun movie on next
Marvelling: at my daughter’s cleverness.
Needing: a holiday
Smelling: washing liquid from the laundry
Wearing: Pajamas
Following: some good advice on how to get writing
Noticing: how many excuses I make to get out of it
Knowing: that tomorrow is another day
Thinking: I might take my daughter to the park to feed the ducks
Feeling: adventurous
Admiring: Other working mums who seem to have their heads screwed on
Sorting: through receipts for tax
Buying: a shirt-dress from Asos
Getting: excited for summer
Bookmarking: loads of articles on how to stop 2-year-old tantrums
Disliking: that Australia is so stupidly behind on legalizing gay marriage
Feeling: all gooey because my daughter told me I was beautiful tonight
Snacking: mandarin

Below is blank list for you to copy and paste if you feel like taking stock of your own life:)

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Hope you enjoy doing this !


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A new year

When I started blogging it was during the very early days of motherhood when it felt like I was being held hostage in my one bedroom flat by my adorable but very demanding breastfeeding baby.

Blogging gave me an outlet, a voice with which I could use to hold on to my professional life  and connect to other humans.

It’s been fun sitting in bed late at night after Maya has fallen asleep, researching and tapping away on my laptop.

If you are a regular visitor to this blog you’ll know my mish mash style of posts. From tidbits on Maya to the styling how to’s and of course my love of pretty baubles.

This year I feel the need to share more of my personal stories of life with my little family in our apartment. Not exactly sure why or if it will last long, but for now it feels right and I’m a big believer in going with ones gut instinct.

It probably will always be mishy mashy but I’m fast learning that that’s just the kind of girl I am and I’m just going to have to work with it.

So with that said, wishing you all, my lovely friends, a happy fabulous new year!!

xxx shereen

I leave you with my favourite images of Maya at work with me last year.

starring maya
Couldn’t resist this – there would be no blog without this sweet little bundle


Choosing jewellery for a shoot at Peter Lang


Destination NSW Screening of a Commercial I work on
Shopping again with mummy
starring maya
My model for a teething necklace shoot


starringmaya UNindian
Checking out filming on UNindian the Australian feature coming out next year


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Life as a Mum and a Blogger

cake bliss starring maya the blog
Tasting cake for the first time – yeah, I’d have the same expression too!

My darling Maya is walking and talking and making us laugh out loud all the time.

Time has slowed down and sped up all at the same time.

My husband Claude and I took her to the park this afternoon, and I asked him, “what did we used to do on a sunday afternoon?”

“Sleep in…. big breakfast…” he says with a wistful look on his face.

We actually did get a sleep in, 8.30 am is not bad for parents with a 1-year-old. As for the big breakfast, we ate it at different times, and cold.

We were foolish enough to put on a DVD and decide to have a special breakfast during her morning nap. She woke up just as Claude was plating up.

But looking back, after breakfast we didn’t really do all that much, maybe we’d go out to met a couple of friends, but mostly we’d just stay home and be as unproductive as possible.

We certainly never laughed as much.

We didn’t have a sweet little face smiling at us saying ‘hello’ every few minutes.

And we never before took an hour to walk a 5 minute distance because our daughter likes to inspect every ant and grain of dirt along the way with adorable ‘oooohhhhs’ and ‘aaaahhhhhs’. Things are so much more simple and beautiful looking at it from her point of view.

She’s teaching us to smell the roses.

We both agree that we’ll keep her.

The other part of my life is of course this blog.

I still have no idea what I’m doing, I feel like the newbie that I am, floundering, trying new things and seeing what works for me as well as you.

I realize I’ve been doing a bit of sporadic and random blogging.

One day I’m a cook, next a doting mummy.

One day a stylist, next a wannabe film critic.

One day a DIY crafty kinda girl, the next a serious thought-provoking writer.

It’ll all fall into place one day… I hope.

If there are any bloggers out there with advice maybe you can share?

In the mean time, I’m off to have dinner with Claude while Maya sound asleep. for now.

xxx shereen




PS. I would love you to come and join my Facebook family for a bit more of Starring Maya fun. Or if you're more of an Instagram person then right this way 🙂 See you around! xxx Shereen