Happy Easter

starringmaya easterAlright so I confess, I had a child so I could indulge my passion for making useless shit.

Never mind that I’m tired and have a ton of work to do, I gladly stayed up to make cute silly hats and have planned a glorious egg hunt for easter Sunday . And, of course, eggs ready for painting tomorrow.

I am in heaven up to my eyebrows in coloured cardboards, paint glues, glitter, pinterest and chocolate treats.

Thanks Easter!

So from all of us, wishing you a happy blissful easter holiday. May you be able to indulge in all the chocolaty bunny themed silliness you can manage with your babies because who knows how long it will last.

I hear teenage years are hideous.

xxx shereen

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Maya’s Room

During my lovely pregnancy days I started making plans for Maya’s nursery. I figured I’d have plenty of time to finish it off while she was still little so no need to go crazy before I met her.

Of course, I grossly underestimated how much free time I’d have. I figured, eh… how much can a little baby need in the first few weeks.

Except my baby wanted to feed at all hours of the day and night, leaving me just enough time to get some sleep and maybe shower and adorn myself with clean clothes.

Now, a year and a half later with a daughter who luckily let me off every now and then, I’ve finally finished creating her space.

Thanks to Howard Storage World and a little DIY with my paintbrush and sewing machine, Maya has a room fit for a future designer/photographer/superhero/world president. starringmayaIMG_5917FullSizeRenderIMG_5913IMG_5912IMG_5925IMG_5906IMG_5927


Even though it took a while it was worth it. C found the beautiful letters for her at Paddington markets in Sydney, and the little shoes hanging on the handle I found in Mumbai India, long before Maya was born.

I asked C to print pictures of our life so that we could tell her funny stories of all our travels. And she absolutely loves looking at them. Every day she proudly names everyone and everything in the photographs.

Some pictures are backed on to foam and others in hand painted Ikea frames. As you can see we love bright colours in our home!

Miss maya also has quite a collection of jewellery already and this beautiful tree from Howard Storage is perfect for all of her little girly things.

I’m a huge believer i displaying your beautiful trinkets instead of hiding them in the cupboard so I created a space on the wall where I hung a few of her special items. The hooks are from Ikea and the white wooden hangers from Howard storage world.

It’s a work in progress and I’m the as she gets older and her needs and tastes develop into her own, I’ll be making many changes.

If you have any cute ideas on what to add to a growing toddler’s room please share, I’d love to be prepared this time!

xxx shereen


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DIY – How to make Giant Tissue Flower Decorations

Maya’s 1st birthday was as much fun for me as it was for her, maybe more. It was an opportunity for me to finally use some of the skills and experience I use at work for personal enjoyment. DIY (do it yourself’ for those unfamiliar with the term) heaven!

One of the things I made were these giant tissue flowers. I had made poms poms out of tissue years ago and remembered how easy it was. There’s no shortage of DIY videos and tutorials online these days on how to make tissue flowers, including my photo tutorial. As with everything I like things to look thrown together and not too perfect – organic and rustic is my motto for everything!

Easy steps for DIY beautiful giant tissue flowers

You need:

  1. 10 layers of tissue paper – I used one colour but you could always experiment with mixed colours
  2. scissors
  3. piece of wire or string, or rubber band

To make:

1. Take 3 pieces of tissue paper and cut about 10cm off the length. These shorter layers make the centre of the flower.

2. Fold the 3 layers in the accordion style and round off the edges with scissors to create petal shapes. No need to be perfect. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 2

3. Unfold and lay them centred on top of the remaining 7 larger layers. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 1

4. Now fold all layers together in accordion style with each fold about 2.5 to 3 cm wide. Round off edges as before. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 3

5. Fold in half and tie of the centre with either wire or string or band. 

diy giant tissue flowers starringmaya 4

6. Fan out the folds and starting with the smaller layers on top, carefully separate and pull the tissue paper towards the centre. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 5

7. Continue doing this on both sides till all layers have been separated and now you can flatten a little or leave as puffy as you like. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 7

8. Take a little of the tissue from the centre and crunch it up to hide the wire. 

diy giant tissue paper flowers starring maya 6

9. Viola! Cheap and easy birthday decorations. 

diy giant tissue flowers starring maya 8
I made about 7 of these and stuck it randomly on the walls amongst safari animal cutouts and cardboard butterflies.




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Celebrating Maya’s 1st year

The birthday celebrations are sadly over, and little miss 1-year-old had a wonderful few days. With 2 parties to accommodate interstate friends and family she is thoroughly loved up!

I think it would be so easy to get carried away by all the gorgeous birthday products available out there which is why, for both parties we decided to keep it simple and inexpensive by making everything ourselves.

We had delicious Pizza, recipe supplied by Maya’s nonna, best ever chocolate cake, a recipe which I found online and had loads of handmade decorations.  A lot of love and late nights went into making it special for her!

homemade birthday decorations starringmaya
DIY felt birthday banner, cardboard butterflies and tissue flowers
Maya's birthday chocolate cake starring maya
Maya’s delicious chocolate cake with DIY felt signage and cardboard butterflies
my family starring maya
I designed and made Maya’s dress out of brown silk crepe. It took about 30 seconds for her to stain it with cake!
Adelaide party starring maya
Adelaide party – another cake, another dress, same decorations.


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5 Dressing Tips for Breastfeeding Mummas

When I fell pregnant, I went a little crazy and bought a lot of maternity clothes. Blame it on the hormones, blame it on the lack of soft serve ice cream but for some reason I threw out my entire philosophy on dressing, and decided that I would buy what a pregnant woman should buy. I was just too excited!

Big mistake.

Out of the 10 or so dresses bought, I only wore 1. Because after the retail high, I realized that just because one is pregnant, it does not mean one has to wear clothes that one would normally never wear.

And not only that, but most of the maternity clothes i got didnt cater for breastfeeding.

There was no way I was going to buy any more clothes, especially not when there is nothing decent on the market that suited my taste. I am so over wrap dresses! And after 9 months of being a house for a human, I just wanted to wear my old clothes again or buy new pretty things.

Here are my 5 tips on dressing for you and bubba that I learned the hard way.

  • Make a half top. It looks like a boob tube but you wear it waist down. The idea to look like you are wearing a singlet underneath but when it comes time to feed your baby, all you have to do is lift your outer top and undo the bra clip without having to fiddle with a singlet. And, no need to expose the belly or midriff unless you want to of course. I  just made one in black and one in white from a couple of old tops and I wear it almost everyday. The best part is that you can layer it with any of your pre pregnancy clothes.
Get a tight-fitting singlet or top and cut in a straight line just under the arm holes (along the tape measure) no need to hem because you wear the cut edge on top. easy!
  • Invest in a really good maternity bra. I found with these you get what you pay for. Why some maternity bra companies think that when your boobs swell 10 times you need less support in ugly designs is beyond me. Underwire is no good because it damages the milk glands but I found a fantastic company that make underwire free and flexi underwire bras. PLUS, they are stunning. I may wear them forever more. Check out Cake Lingere. Here’s a sample from their collection.
Sherbet bra from cake Lingere
  • If you are going to buy anything, get button up shirts or dresses. There are plenty to choose from at the moment and they are so easy to feed with. I love this dress from Etsy.
Etsy – Korea army linen shirt
  • Invest in a couple of gorgeous shawls or scarves. They are great as a fashion accessory and when you want a little more privacy or even just to cover your baby’s face so she’s not distracted, just throw it over your shoulder and baby. Or you could buy a special nursing cover like this.
Nursing cover from bebe au lait
  • Stick to separates. By the time Maya was 2 months I gave up on dresses ( and I was not going to give in to the wrap dress). It made life a lot easier and I felt less like a milk bar.

Basically, just be yourself as much as you can because lord knows when you have a little baby its can be all about them all of the time and its easy to forget to be nice to yourself. Buy clothes you love or wear the beautiful things you already have.

Have you got any more tips to share?

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