My week In Photographs

What a gorgeous last few days of Winter in Sydney this week has been right? 26 Degrees on Saturday, crazy!

It’s been another busy week, mostly groundhog day revolving around the kid’s sleep, food, entertainment and trying to get some work in between.

And so the story goes. Before I know it it’s another Monday again. I hate Mondays. Not because I have to got to work, but because I feel like I should make some kind of plans for the week. A to do list so that I can be more productive. Oh the pressure. Luckily it’s usually over in a blink of an eye and by Tuesday, well, it’s too late to make plans so I can just give in to the daily routine. Yeay for watching the Gruffalo again!

Here’s what my week looked like. It was an unusually full week, we hardly ever manage to fit so much in!

starring maya first burger


Started off with this little munchkin tasting her first burger and loving it. And that little screwed up face is her latest camera smile style.

starringmaya succulent babiesMy succulent babies seem to be doing well… cant wait to replant them in cute little pots…or maybe I’ll make a succulent garden…  if Maya doesnt destroy them before.

starringmaya dolls house

This is my very special project at the moment. Maya and I found a doll’s house in an ugly but very solid brown wood at a garage sale. I’ve given it a couple of coats with gloss white rustoleum spray paint and I love how it’s turned out. Now on to decorating and furniture making.

starring maya beach

We went to Manly Sea life Sanctuary to see Maya’s beloved Penguins followed by fun at the beach.

Jewellery starring maya

Got a lot of photographing of jewellery done for Instagram … Love doing this. The wizards at the Peter Lang studio have always been so generous letting me borrow whatever I like to photograph. This necklace found its way into my jewellery draw. Oops.

starring maya portrait


And lastly my favourite part of the week was a wonderful portrait session photographed by Claude. I wanted a beautiful portrait of Maya and I for the blog and for my photo wall at home. This is just a sneak untouched peek but I absolutely LOVE it. Cant wait to show you more once it’s finished.

That’s it for now, tune in for hopefully more exciting things next time. Have a wonderful week! xxx


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Behind the Scenes – Shopping for a Fashion Shoot.

As a stylist I work on many photo shoots or TV commercials. My job is to know the client and their brand, get a good style brief of what they are looking to create, and go shopping to help bring it all together.

Usually there is a very short time to prepare so it helps keeping up to date with whats in stores, whats new and having an address book with contact names and numbers.

A job I had last week required lots of metal accessories. BIG. GLAMOROUS. CHUNKY. SHINY.

So naturally my first stop was the Peter Lang studio in Alexandria. probably my most frequented accessory havens.

Here is a look at what goes on when I go to meet the marketing manager, Leah Finlay at the Peter lang showroom, with my mini assistant Maya – who I feel shares mamma’s love of sparkly things.


The walls are lined with gorgeous current season jewellery and belts. These are all the pieces that go out on loans for shoots to stylists around the globe. They get used, sent back and put back on the wall for the next stylist.

Lucky I had come at a good time because there were loads to choose from! Maya likes to let me know her favourites too by her unique taste testing approach.

I then go through all the pieces and imagine what each would look like in shot. I make my selection.

Then the lovely Leah asks me if I want to see the upcoming range that havent even hit the stores yet…Ummmmm…. YES PLEASE!!

So off we go to another gorgeous room and I am in heaven. So is Maya. She thinks this is all for her.


And of course I had to try a few things on and a gorgeous necklace made it home with me:)

I want all these bracelets, and I’d wear them all stacked up like this.
My new necklace approved by Maya

When I’m done, all the jewellery is packed up and I’m off to my next destination!

A HUGE thank you to Leah at Peter Lang for showing me all the jewels allowing me to take photos and of course to my brilliant photographer Claudio Racshella.

If you’d like to see all their gorgeous jewellery, you can visit Peter Lang’s website here, or Facebook page here.

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3 things that made me smile

This past week has been a crazy week of sleep deprivation, baby and blogging. All made sweeter by these 3 things.

Trying on Peter Lang’s delicious new collection and bringing home this stunning necklace. And, yes, I’m wearing it to watch the Oscars tonight just for fun. On the couch. In my PJs.


Breakfast at my favourite cafe in Alexandria Bread and circus


And last but most certainly the least, waking up to this gorgeous face everyday:)

photo 1

PS. I would love you to come and join my Facebook family for a bit more of Starring Maya fun. Or if you're more of an Instagram person then right this way 🙂 See you around! xxx Shereen