Shopping for a Denim Jacket

The last time I owned a denim jacket I was 18 and oh my lord I loved it so much! It was from Just Jeans, and at 21 working in retail and studying,  $79.95 for a jacket was splashing out big time. I wore it everywhere and with everything. I did the bohemian thing with maxi skirts and dresses, I did the cool funky teaming it with all black, and I even did 90’s on trend denim on denim, although to this day I’ve never been too comfortable with that one personally.

And hallelujah, last week when I dragged my maya less ass to the shops they were everywhere!!

Now, one of my rules on dressing is if you’ve already worn it once, leave it alone. for example, if you were like totally hip in the 80’s as a 21-year-old, and it came back in fashion when you are 40, don’t do it. Or is that in itself too old-fashioned?

BUT, in this case, I might have to make an exception. There’s something about a denim jacket that makes me feel energetic and happy and safe. Maybe it’s that it’s the perfect go to jacket that goes with everything and anything. Take it everywhere you go, keep it in the car, it’s always there for you.

You spend hours getting ready and putting loads of jewellery and makeup, you throw on a denim jacket and it makes you look effortless instantly. who doesn’t want that? I for one, am always striving to look like I made no effort at all.

And most days lately I actually have made no effort ( you try waking 3 times a night to sooth a teething baby and believe me the world should be grateful that you managed a shower)

Here are my top picks on luscious denim jackets.  Are you a lover or a hater?

Just Jeans Biker Denim Jacket $89.95
7 For all Mankind Classic Denim Jacket
Diesel Jacket
Levi’s Authentic Trucker Jacket
Mavi Jeans Charlize Denim Jacket



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