3 tips for Incorporating Statement Jewellery into your Life

If you follow my Instagram account, then you’d by know that I’m obsessed with 2 things in my life. Maya and Jewellery.

I have a thing for big bold bright jewellery, and there is never such a thing as too much in my world when accessorizing.

I realize not everyone is as hardcore as me:-

  • When I have to travel I have a special case for my jewellery
  • When there is a jewellery sale my heart starts to palpitate
  • When I know there is a set to the ring I just bought, I go a little crazy and want it all
  • If I cant see it from a mile away I don’t want it
  • When I get dressed I choose my jewellery first
  • I think of jewellery as Art – of which I am an avid collector.

It wasn’t always this way. I remember during the London backpacking days, I wore the tiniest earrings and ring you ever did see. But when you’re living out of a suitcase with not much money to buy new outfits you start searching for ways to improvise. And so my jewellery obsession began.

I found it to be like anything else new, all you have to do is like it, want to wear it, put it on and get on with life.

So here are my 3 tips for incorporating statement jewellery into your life.

  1. Start with wearing only one bold piece to stand out and keep the rest minimal. You could wear a gorgeous statement necklace and keep your earrings/rings/bracelets small or wear none at all.

    starring maya how to wear statement jewellery
    Gorgeous Peter Lang necklace with stud earrings
  2. Pair bold jewellery with simple outfits. If you’re wearing a lot of prints and patterns, it can be hard to find something that goes if you are not a seasoned jewellery wearer. On the other hand if you are wearing, say a white shirt or tee with jeans, virtually any statement piece would look amazing. Keep it Simple.

    Starringmaya how to wear statement jewellery keeping it simple
    Alesha Dixon in a classic white shirt and jeans making for a great canvas for bold jewellery. Earrings and necklace by Peter Lang. Image of Alesha found on Pinterest.
  3. Choose jewels within your own personal style. If you only wear silver, then go for a statement piece in silver so you feel more comfortable. If you’re favourite colour is blue, try a turquoise piece. Or, if you’ve only ever worn earrings and no other piece of jewellery, then just start with statement earrings.

    starringmaya starter pieces
    Some great statement jewellery ideas to inspire you. All these beauties are from Peter lang.

I wear bold jewellery because I love looking at it, I love the way it feels. I love it period. I never for a minute ever wondered if it suited me or not, I just wear it because I like it.

Go ahead and try it. Do it with conviction and confidence. Take a selfie even!  No one will know it’s your first time anyway. They’re all too busy taking their own selfies

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Wardrobe Tips – Cool Gadgets to keep your Clothes Looking Awesome

starring maya - cool gadgets to keep your clothes looking awesome

Welcome to another ‘Wardrobe Tip’ Post! I have so much fun doing these posts, I cant explain it. Give me some cool gadgets and some clothes and I’m a happy woman! I’m on a mission to try out everything ever made to do with clothes.

I figure if you’re going to spend a fortune on gorgeous expensive things, you may as well know what there is available to keep them looking as new and fresh as they did the day you bought them, for as long as possible.

Before I start, just a quick note — In order for me to write my ‘wardrobe tips’ posts, I needed to test and review a few products. I contacted the amazing Howard Storage World and they were only too happy to send me some things that I chose from their online store. Even though it’s a sponsored post, I only try out and write about the products I honestly love and would recommend to you. 

So here is my list of Cool gadgets to keep your clothes looking awesome:

  1. Use a pressing cloth when ironing. Ever notice when you iron linen or dark fabrics like navy or black you get shiny marks which basically ruin the look of a beautiful garment. Using a pressing cloth protects the fabric. I have this fantastic mesh pressing cloth I got from Howard Storage World, which unfortunately is all sold out, but you can also use a piece of thin cotton like muslin. starringmaya - cool gadgets for clothers - mesh pressing cloth
  2. A lint shaver is a lifesaver, especially during winter when wools and knits are in high rotation. You can either use a regular shaving blade and literally shave the pills off as you would your legs, or use this awesome lint shaver. This snazzy contraption does the work in a fraction of the time, is cheap and so much fun to use. I highlyrecommend it.
    Cedar Fresh lint remover - starringmaya
    Here is one I prepared earlier – the top sleeve is one I used the shaver on and bottom is how it came out of the dryer. Big difference!

  3. A sticky lint remover. If you don’t have one of these, you dont know what you’re missing! I swear it’ll change your life. Especially if you wear black a lot or have pets  (kids). Nothing says ‘I couldnt be bothered’ then wearing black with crap all over it all. Not a good look. Which is why I literally have one in every room and handbag.lint roller - starringmaya
  4. Dryer balls. Yeah I know, I was like WTF when I first read about these but I now see the light. Clothes go into the dryer as normal, and come out soft and fluffy. These little dryer balls basically just gently pummel and fluff up all the fibres in the cloth as it dries. Perfect for stiffish cottons/linens and bulky items like pillows and blankets.dryer balls, starring maya
  5. Damp rid. It drives me crazy when I’ve worked really hard putting my seasonal clothes away in storage only to open it up months later to smelly mouldy messes. If you live in a place with little circulation, these are fantastic for sucking up any moisture in the air, leaving your clothes nice and dry.damp rid - starring maya

That’s it for now folks. Hope you got something out of this post and if you have anything else to add, PLEASE let me know so I can go and check it out:)

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Wardrobe Tips – How to Get Rid of Clothing Stains

I remember my first job as a wardrobe assistant at a television station.

It was a huge opportunity with lots of fun dressing Tv personalities but as the assistant, one of my responsibilities was to wash and iron tons of shirts everyday.

It wasnt so bad actually. I quite enjoyed ironing, even to this day.

The cleaning not so much.

The camera picks up the tiniest stray thread or stain so each clothing item had to be meticulously cleaned before it was worn.

There was always some kind of accident –Lipstick, foundation, pen, coffee, mascara, even blood from shaving.

I learned a few things.

The quicker you get to it the better your chances of getting it all off. If you’re out, at least wash as much of the stain you can with cold water and get it in the wash as soon as you get home.

I recently tried Exit spray from Howard Storage World, experimenting on silks, cotton and denim. I must say it’s become a go to product – especially with a chocolate crazy toddler in the house.

How to remove stains on clothing starring maya howard storage world

I tried it out on lipstick, foundation, pasta sauce and waterproof mascara,  about an hour after I applied the stain and they all came off like a dream.  The only thing I had trouble with was grease and oil stains but I sorted that out with a little bit of dishwashing liquid and hot water.

It’s really easy to use and comes in either a soap bar or a spray bottle. All I did was blot the excess off with a paper towel, spray with exit spray, leave for about half an hour and gently rub the area with warm water. Then I threw it in the washing machine and wash as normal.

Here are a few more tips I use to get rid of clothing stains.

  • For Food stains, like chocolate, pasta sauce or grease I use dishwashing liquid in warm water to start. rubbing the fabric gently. If the fabric care instructions allow for it, use hot water. dishwashing detergent was made to clean food and grease off your plates and works like a dream, especially on chocolate!
  •  Wine spills – if you can get your hands on club soda, the pour this on the stain. keep blotting with paper towel and soaking with soda until stain disappears. If there is boiling water handy, pour the water through the fabric until stain disappears.
  • OIl Stains – cover the entire area with talcum powder or corn flour and leave it overnight. Brush it off and if it’s still there try the dishwashing liquid or even shampoo in hot water to harness their oil destroying powers.
  • Makeup – Witch hazel is great for lipstick and liquid foundation stains. Just dab a little with a paper towel and rub gently. Then follow with mild laundry detergent. mascara and eye liner will come off easily in dishwashing liquid and warm water.
  • So to keep all your clothes stain free, always have dishwashing liquid, club soda, laundry detergent, talcum powder and exit spray in your laundry!

If you have any other tips, I would LOVE it if you shared. Tell me in the comments below.

xxx shereen


PS. I would love you to come and join my Facebook family for a bit more of Starring Maya fun. Or if you're more of an Instagram person then right this way 🙂 See you around! xxx Shereen